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Svetlana Jakovljevic is a passionate creative makeup artist with an extensive portfolio in fashion and beauty photography currently based in Belgrade, Serbia.

With over five years of experience in the fashion and beauty industry, freelance makeup artist Svetlana Jakovljevic’ s passion for art and beauty is a cornerstone in her creations – always arresting and unique, the human form becomes a physical canvas for her playful art.

Her attention to detail is rooted in her childhood, giving her makeup art a nuanced feel that also captures emotions while bringing out the best features of the model in new and unique ways. Initially training to work in the tourism industry, Svetlana changed her training as she realized that she wanted to have a career that fulfilled her at a creative and personal level.

Svetlana’s professional training as a makeup artist took place in Italy and Serbia. She completed a course in Beauty, Fashion and TV Makeup at Open University “Znanje” (Belgrade) under Olja Beocanin, she also completed an AirBrush Makeup course at the Makeup School of Dragan Vurdelja. In Italy, Svetlana graduated in Face and Body Painting at Studio 13 in Rome.

Svetlana’s freelance work as a creative fashion and beauty makeup artist has seen her work on a variety projects, the results of which can be seen in her colorful portfolio. She is available to work on new projects, and is always working to further her own education and skills.

When not working on projects, she can be found traveling around the world, meeting new people and enjoying the differences in culture. Her wanderlust often inspires her makeup, giving her new adventures and appreciation of color and detail around the world.

All inquires are warmly welcomed at svetla.jakovljevic@gmail.com and will be answered promptly within the next working day.

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